Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well it worked for me, I had one of the best days of my life yesterday and it was a Tuesday, I hope you beat the Tuesday Blues as well!
Take time out to go to the One a Day blog that you can find on the side bar, have a look back at some of the photos, you will be impressed, the standard is great and of course while you are at it there's also The Gutter Press and the Photoblog!
Plenty to keep you occupied while I leave you with a quote!

I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time.
Charles M. Schulz (1922 - 2000) , Charlie Brown in "Peanuts"

If this looks a bit strange it's because, they've nanny netted my blogs at wand I know I'm going to be quite late back in you will be getting some strange looking E mailed posts ok! ork!! In fact they've nanny netted blogger at work, so on days such as today when I don't post before coming in to work


wisdomstuff said...

I very rarely dread any days. Most of the time I'm just a happy person.

Did you know that Charles suffered from depression? Probably where the quote came from.

I'm glad to hear you had one of the best days of your life, I hope there are many more. :-)

Jules said...

Ugh! Nanny Netted blogger? Sheeesh! The pic didn't show up, that's all...

Are you still flying on cloud 9 from yesterday's events?

Crabby said...

Nanny netted? LOL! what does that mean? Every time I come over here I pick up a new word or phrase.

I wish I'd been here Tuesday. Sadly, I've been dying. Ok...I'm not dying...but it sure feels like it.

Autumn Storm said...

Smart man, if you're going to live in dread, may as well limit it as best possible. ;-)
Hear my booming voice shout 'Happy Wednesday!' I'm in a Footloose kind of mood, hope you've had a great day too, even one to beat yesterday!

EBEZP said...

Thank you wisdomstuff, I didn't know that but I don't have really bad days! But yesterday was awesome!! Yes I'd like some more like that!!

B*******s did it while I was off yesterday, having the day of my life! No Jules I'm way way down today cloud 8.9!!!

Crabby, ah....are you ok now?
It's a programme run by administrators forbidding access to various sites and everything with blogger or blogspot is not accessible! That's nanny netted ok?!
Thanks for visiting Crabby!!

Hi Autumn, thanks! I think I heard you!! Oh not to beat yesterday but very very good!!

Keshi said...

I dread dreading :)


josh williams said...

i have a neti pot, great for the sinus's...not Linus's although I would wager he could use one.

Autumn Storm said...

Good morning & happy Thursday!

Lady in red said...

curiously I am quite a cheerful person on the whole but if I am not dreading something then I worry that I should be!

EBEZP said...

Keshi LOL! Thanks

Nice one Josh

Oh and you sweet AS!

LIR so you could dread for England then?!

~d said...

Hey yo, ebezp!

WOW! stifled at work! What a Bitch!!

you know...blogger offer mobile blogging now...(hint hint!)

EBEZP said...

Hi ~d, then all I'll need is more time!! Maybe (smile)