Saturday, October 06, 2007


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grace said...

Poor pooch, misjudged the frisbee! Hope he was alright.

Love, I'm free with Roger running by the ocean.

Happy Sunday

josh williams said...

Good ole R Daltry..(sp) I go bed now...JW

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Sunday, Simon!

Once saw Roger Daultry as a guest at Wembley, energy created was incredible!

EBEZP said...

I'm sure he was really Grace!
Tommy superb film hey?
Happy Sunday to you as well!

Nice one Josh!!

Oh and you Autumn!!
Roger's a real star but always seems genuinely a nice guy!

Azzitizz said...

Hi Si,
Oops sorry just sneezed all over your blog!

EBEZP said...

Bless you!
Oh Azzi can't you cover your mouth, think of Tipsy!

wisdomstuff said...

Not a fan of Rog but that poor dog... Awwwww.

Here is hoping you have a wonderful Sunday.

cheekyfaces said...

Love that picture!!

EBEZP said...

Thank you wisdomstuff, have a great one yourself.

So do I cheeky!!

JLee said...

I feel like that dog some days....ha

Lady in red said...

I felt like that dog on wednesday and thursday and friday ;-(

Big Pissy said...

Poor puppy! :(

Hope your Sunday was great! :)

EBEZP said...

Jlee surely not!

LIR but not at the weekend hey, that's good isn't it?

Thanks BP, I know but he should have been looking where he was going!!!

Emma said...

Aw poor pooch...xx

tsduff said...

Now that is just plain sad. Oouuffff!

EBEZP said...

Oh Emma - yes poor dog!!

It is Terry isn't it?