Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey this is only posted here because I love it right!

or is it?


Lee Ann said...

I like that song!
Have a great weekend AM!
Lee Ann

Jules said...

I loved that song when it was popular, and guess what? I still do!

That reminds me, I have to go put an item on my christmas list!

Big Pissy said...


Major mullet action! ;-)

JLee said...

awww, takes me back. Unfortunately to the time my boyfriend was listening to this song pining for his ex...Damn you E! lol

~d said...

Funny thing about this song...I never 'knew' it or 'listened' to until recently. Like April or May? Thank you.

grace said...

Ah, good one. brings back memories.

EBEZP said...

Hi BG I just love it, glad you do too. Have a good Friday and a great weekend.

Jules it's a great tear jerking song!
You gonna buy me a piano....yay!!

He always needed a image designer didn't he?

Sorry jlee! Thats the trouble with songs like that isn't it? When it was first out I used to throw things at the radio when it came on and I've cried to it as well before now!

~d I guess songs like this always have memories for some people, this is the third time for me it has really meant something, the second this year!

Oh Grace yes memories and music hey?

Keshi said...

Love it man!


Autumn Storm said...

This was such a huge hit! At the time I loved it, then got so sick of hearing it, now it brings back such pleasant memories. Very nice way to start my day, thanks.
Happy Friday, Simon!!

EBEZP said...

Hi Keshi glad you liked it, tis good isn't it!!

Well Autumn the start of any day is important, it's great to me knowing I'm starting your day well!
Thanks Autumn

Emma said...

Ooo thanks Si, what memories that one just conjured up.....still makes me sad remebering why I was sent that track by the only love of my life who wasn't with me at the time...x

EBEZP said...

I'm not sure I realised how emotive it was until I posted it!
Sorry it may have made you sad Em, it's got everybody going, seemingly!!