Thursday, October 11, 2007


As ever if you want more photographs there's some here or just one a day here, meanwhile everybody have a great Thursday!


wisdomstuff said...

Love the signs, especially the Grasshopper one!

melanie said...

Hi there petal :)
Thanks for stopping by! Hope the database is working better now...Part 4 wont be for a few a days yet!
Ta ra for now!

Valyna said...

<3 the Greyhound sign :)


Big Pissy said...

The grasshopper one is my favorite!

Happy Thursday! :)

Jules said...

What's the Giant Grasshopper? It sounds like a fun place!

jillie said...

Yep...I'm thinking right about now it's Guinness time! Although, I would prefer a Magners!!

JLee said...

Happy Thursday! :)

TK Kerouac said...

Love these signs Simon!

grace said...

adopt an angel, I like that one.

EBEZP said...

Widomstuff Hi, thanks!

Mel always nice to see you, thank you for popping by!

So do I Valyna! You ok?

Thanks BP

Hi CJ it's not near as exciting as you think unless you are in to beam engines!!

Your so right jillie it is Guinness time!! Not that fussy on the Magners myself.

And to you jlee

Thank you Tracey

Knew you would Grace!! That was on a bus but not a Greyhound obviously!!

EBEZP said...

Mel you've got a new avatar - like it!!

grace said...

i know but I always think of the dogs!!!

Valyna said...

I'm never ok ;)

But yeah, I'm hanging in there... just dealing with stuff lately.

Have a great weekend!!

Lee Ann said...

Great signs AM!
Have the most wonderful weekend!

Keshi said...

love em all especially the last one! Give respect to get it back...


Autumn Storm said...

Gather these are your own, but if you ever want a giggle have a look at The Sun web page, where there are some hilarious pictures sent in. Not quite a sign but a shop front is the one that I remember best, think I even posted it one time, PADDLE STORE and above it 'Shit Creek'.
Have a wicked Friday!!

grace said...

...thought you might be awake by now...?

EBEZP said...

So do I Grace, oh and I am up but not awake!!

Hanging in there is good Valyna

Hi BG Hey have a great weekend yourself

Hi Keshi, yeah thats what its all about

Yeah I've seen that Autumn, thanks, have a wicked one yourself!!