Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Jules said...

Ugh! GROSS! Is that top one a cake? I don't think I could eat off of that tray, if it is! LOL

(But then again, I might be still too full from the party, anyway)

Happy Halloween, Si!

wisdomstuff said...

Have a great Halloween, it is my favorite holiday!!! And thanks for the drink!

grace said...

Great photos of Halloween! Love the first one.

Keshi said...

hey Happy Halloween dude! :)

that first pic really freaked me out!


Autumn Storm said...

:-D Need to show the Michael one to M, she's a big fan and will love it - and likely make me buy her another pumpkin so she can have a go. :-D Happy Halloween!!

Lady in red said...

I doubt my attempt will be this good

happy halloween

jillie said...

I love those pumpkins. This year I cheated and didn't buy one. I feel so guilty now! If I didn't have to work today, I would go out and buy one RIGHT NOW!

Happy Halloween!

jillie "BOOOO"

cheekyfaces said...

That first pic is horrible......EEEEEWWWWW.......Love the others, Happy Halloween!

EBEZP said...

Yes Jules the top one is a cake!! Yum yum!! You and Nate have a great one hey?

Wisdom have a great favourite holiday!!

Slice of arm for Grace - with cream? Happy Halloween!

Autumn Happy Halloween to you both and good luck with pumpkinising MJ!!

Hi Lady, I'm sure yours will be fine! Happy Halloween!

Jillie didn't mean to make you feel guilty! Have a great one!

Hold the cake for cheeky and extra pumpkin!! Happy Halloween cheeky!

JLee said...

I don't know which is worse, Michael's mug or the disembodied arm! haha

Emma said...

Excellent Si, but the top one is gross..xx

Valyna said...

Love the pumpkins!!

Happy Halloween =}

*wicked bites

Autumn Storm said...

Hope you had/are having a really good Halloween evening. :-)
Wanted to say congrats also on returning your first 50 results!

EBEZP said...

Jlee hi happy halloween - it's a tough one! At least the dismembered arm is allegedly edible!!

Hi Em it looks a bit gross the top one doesn't it but it is allegedly a cake!! Just close your eyes and bite!!
Happy Hull Halloween!

OOO wicked bites for me from Valyna, that's made my halloween!
Happy Tricks and Treats Val!

Hi Autumn, yeah a good one thanks, hope yours was scary but not overly so!!
Thanks for the congrats I hadn't even noticed having so much fun!!
But look at what I meant about a certain Canadian!! I've discovered her secret though...while she's on the phone to me she's on the computer as well but because of things....I can't be on the comp at the same time as on the phone, thats why she is racing ahead, she's deliberately keeping me on the phone!!!
In the end though it doesn't matter does it!! We are all in it for the same thing after all!

josh williams said...

I vote for the mud flap pumpkin vixen. I have always loved this woman.

grace said...

I have had several pet rats in the past, very smart sweet animals, and......would chew on that arm!!

EBEZP said...

Josh it may come as a shock to you but she is spoken for, I'm so sorry!

Oh yes rats would absolutely destroy that whether it was edible or not wouldn't they Grace.

Suesjoy said...

hee hee MJ is kinda spooky!
cool pics!

EBEZP said...

Hi suesjoy! Do you mean the pumpkin or IRL......?!!
Thank you.

Palm Springs Savant said...

WOW I should have hired you to help me with my Halloween decorations. I posted two days of photos this week, but yours are really good!

EBEZP said...

Thanks Rick! I'd have been there mate!