Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A visit to the nearby Urban Farm yesterday of course was full of photo opportunities but not really wanting to get carried away I only took about 100 shots at the farm! Oh and about 120 before and after in the Bidston area! Can't you tell how little I like digital photography!! Just five for you at the moment!

From the top there were ducks, a donkey and a miniature pony.
Above a sheep and below, Mummy Pig
Her ten piglets born on 19th April will be featured tomorrow!


tkkerouac said...

Love the farm animals,
and I hear you about the picture taking, start out thinking its going to be a few then before you know it , you are over 100
can we say, obsessive! hehe

jillie said...

Little piglets are soooooooooo cute!

Farms are SO much fun. Or is that the haystacks are SOOOOOOO much

Big Pissy said...

Great pictures! I never see farm animals up close.... ;-)

EBEZP said...

Tracey, it's only an obsession if you let it become one, keen hobby! thats what I call it!! Mind you on the beach or at the farm it does become just ever so slightly obsessive!

Oh yes jillie fun to be had on farms and in the haystacks!

Do you not even have urban farms? Oh big pissy I'll have to do another post soon! I may in fact be going to another farm soon and I may once again take one or two pics!!