Thursday, June 07, 2007


So it's Friday again, time for Take Five. You know the drill by now.....five pics from the same spot ok?

Today we are on the extreme North West corner of The Wirral Peninsula, Hoylake in the North West of England!

The previous two Take Fives have been where I work but these are taken less than a mile from where I live! Either way enjoy!

This first one is merely a folly. There are a lot of

lighthouses around this coast, but this one has

never been a lighthouse. Just a house!

From this spot a perfect view of Hilbre Island

which is in the (River) Dee estuary.

The land to the left is actually a different country


This one is a view back towards Hoylake prom.

This one is a view out to open water, The Irish Sea!

Straight line from there The Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. The fifth one today is the outcrop of rocks known as Red Rocks


Big Pissy said...

You live less than a mile from all that?!?!?

I'm SO jealous! :)

Autumn Storm said...

Views like those are what London is missing. :-)

Molly said...

My pics would never be that interesting!

Molly said...

When I have this comment box opened to write in the cartoon on your side bar is right there and so disturbing. Why do you have that?

jillie said...

Those are incredible photos. A whole nother part of England I really must see!

josh williams said...

Cool project and photos...JW

Jules said...

must be nice to live that close to a huge body of water!!!

Crabby said...

NO way. That first pic is a house? I wonder what it looks like inside?

EBEZP said...

Yeah big pissy to the spot where those pics were taken its just less than a mile or halfway to the pictured Island!

London does have its own attractions though doesn't it?

To you maybe Molly, I take so many pics I always think God how boring but its seeing different peeps environment that people like.
Sorry about the little cartoon, some people like it - as to why I just don't know, but I quite like it, in a funny sort of way.

Yes please jillie! Whenever we are all very friendly in the North you know. Oh you might never leave, oh jillie wouldn't that be great! Meanwhile should I just shut up and keep taking the pics?!

Josh thank you!

Because the Wirral is a peninsular technically Jules it's three bodies of water. The Irish Sea, The River Dee and the River Mersey.
Maybe you should come over with jillie and we'll make some sand sculptures together.....hee hee

Crabby nice to see you, from what I understand the bit were the light would have been is like a big round conservatory which you obviously have to go up a spiral staircase in order to get to.

Jason said...

this is great but why are you called wilko news? :)

cathy said...


oops! forgot the caps lock again:)

EBEZP said...

Wilko is a shortening of my surname and it used to be a hard copy for the family hence Wilko News. My most hit posts were rude bits basically so The Gutter Press was born.....
Thank you for the comments and do keep visiting both sites!

Sorry they kinda make you homesick, whenever you want just drop us an E and we'll walk along the beach together.....ECCENTRIC HOUSES OR FOLLIES ARE WHAT MAKES ENGLAND AREN'T THEY?
I forgot as well Cathy!

EBEZP said...

Jason why is your site called, Get Your Online Jargon - Version 7.0???