Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Despite what it may seem this isn't a post that swings the lamp! Oh F____ it yes it is!!
Aerosmith rocked the city of Paris just a few hours ago and I was there and it was fantastic!

However my camera was taken off me! Ok, I expected that and I had planned on coming back to the hotel getting rid of the camera and heading off to the concert but I ran out of time and went straight to the venue with my VIP pass!
That's why the pics are of our entrance and a random shot of the outside of the venue. The ticket and the pass were done on my return to the hotel!

They were letting people in with mobile phones - most of which have the capacity to take as good as if not better than my camera. Why? Well they're phones I was told. But they take pictures? But no photography is allowed that's why we ban cameras.
Excuse me just one moment I was next to a couple that between them must have taken 100 stills and 7 or 8 videos on their non cameras!
So be warned folks if you take pictures on your moeys you are not photographing!
Technology is also wonderful in another way, because although it is 3.30am here in Paris, I'm still buzzing - did I tell you I went to a concert tonight! I have already cleared my card of Paris up to a few hours ago because tomorrow and Thursday I'm going to be in Disneyland in Paris and I want to take one or two photos, not on my phone, but it's all down to technology and me bringing my lap top on holiday with me.


Autumn Storm said...

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, at least they should try to impose the rules of having phones switched off as one would in a cinema. But never mind that, you got to see Aerosmith! Wow!

jungle jane said...

Aerosmith are still alive?

Wow! Taking drugs must be good for you!

jillie said...

I just LOVE Aerosmith! I've seen them about 1/2 dozen times and I would pay to see them again and again. You know...I don't understand that either. Just about EVERY phone has camera/video on it. WTF? Oh well...anyway you've got the memory of one hell of a concert. VIP? Now how in the world did you get that! You dog you! hahaha

Andy Looney said...

Glad you have no pictures of Steven Tyler's ugly mug.

I pictures? Pity.

EBEZP said...

Autumn storm they were brilliant and as it turned out it may not have even been worth taking pics! See the above!!

jj yes they are very much still alive - 10 years in rehab and off the road has helped!!

Jillie no it doesn't make sense, oh and the answer to the vip ticket is also above.
They don't half rock don't they!

Sorry Andy but I didn't take them!