Monday, June 18, 2007


Ok I'm off this afternoon to Paris for a few days! Tomorrow night I'm seeing Aerosmith! Wow.
But you don't get rid of me that easy...... My lap topis coming with me and I do intend to keep in touch with you all. I might not get round to looking at your sites but I'll try!!
I am continuing to blog and E but it will be very dependent on time and non arsey French internet connections.
Reason I'm taking my lap top........I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING!


Lee Ann said...

Wow... lucky you! Have fun in Paris. Enjoy the concert.
Lucky lucky you!

Big Pissy said...


Paris AND Aerosmith?!?!?

Not fair!!!! ;-)

Have a great time and take lots of photos! :)

Jules said...

PARIS????? Guh. I'm soooo jealous. Enjoy the concert, hon!!

EBEZP said...

How to make three of my favourite women in blogland jealous in one easy step!!
Thanks for the comments, oh and Disneyland and you'll get sick of the fotos!!