Friday, June 15, 2007


Hey it's Friday.
Time for Take Five Friday!
Remember the rules?
Of course you do - 5 pics from the same spot,
simple really isn't it?
Ok today's is a maritime theme!
All taken from a spot at
Woodside, Birkenhead, Merseyside
- yeah go on Google Earth it.

And finally, FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY........
Life goes on day after day
Hearts torn in every way
So ferry 'cross the Mersey'
cause this land's the place I love
and here I'll stay
People they rush everywhere
Each with their own secret care
So ferry 'cross the Mersey
and always take me there
The place I love
People around every corner
They seem to smile and say
We don't care what your name is boy
We'll never turn you away
So I'll continue to say
Here I always will stay
So ferry 'cross the Mersey
'cause this land's the place I love
and here I'll stay
and here I'll stay
Here I'll stay


Ice said...

Lovin' these pics.

jillie said...

Those are GREAT! Maybe I'll do five from Robert's parents house...naaaahhh!! I'll wait for something interesting...
Great pics

Happy Friday to you!!

Jules said...

nice photos, eb! thanks for sharing!

EBEZP said...

Ice, Jillie, Jules and me in a little box together! Wow!
Wish it was The Gutter girls!!

Thank you all for visiting and commenting it makes it worth it!