Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well it was only September and it feels like an age away but it was sunny in the extreme in Athens and here's just a few of the signs that remind me of those Summery Grecian days!!

Doesn't look much like the Cavern to me, well not the one The Beatles played at anyway!!!


cheekyfaces said...

Hey Mr!! You do know some of us are trying to diet......hmmmm all those food signs!!

Cinn said...

Say Cheese! =D

Fun stuff here.

Keshi said...

Sunny days r here in Aus...here comes the sun ;-)


Burfica said...

My husband was in Greece for a while when he was in the navy. Athens, Corfu, the Parthanon some other places but he can't remember right now. He's old like me. lol

grace said...

Oh I can't wait for those sunny days again. I don't like the rain, urrgh!!


Autumn Storm said...

That smiley makes for smiles, no doubt it has welcomed a few who might not otherwise have stopped by. Happy Wednesday to you, Simon. :-)

EBEZP said...

Sorry Cheeky but maybe you could dance it all away at the Cavern!!

Fun in the sun Cinn, thank you!!

Don't you just hate it when Australians pull the Hemisphere card!! Love you Kesh!!

Old like me too then, Greece is lovely, oh and sunny!!

Don't like the rain that much myself Grace. Love reign o'er me!!

THanks Autumn, yeah smileys in the sun too.