Friday, January 18, 2008



Burfica said...

I loveeeeeeeeee the paddle boat.

We have two on this lake The Canyon King and the Canyon Queen. I've been on a dinner cruise on one.

It was in high school, a sunset dinner cruise, then Our choir sang for all the tourists for a couple hours.

Emma said...

Yep we needed that to inspire us towards the summer season to come...xx

shell said...

Hakuna Matata. That is going to be my new moto.

Oh, and also, your little computer guy anime is freaking me out!!!!!

grace said...

Yeesss! Waiting for Summer, geez I hope it shows up soon :)

Jules said...

Superb way to lift the dulldrums of winter, Si! Thank you! Tell me... did you sign up at the place that was looking for talent, so you could work along side M? C'mon... I've heard you sing! ;O)

Just thinking... Do they sell all the standard soda pop's in the fancy McDonalds? What did you get there... a big mack and coffee? ((HUGS))

cheekyfaces said...

Hakuna Matata......Love it x

EBEZP said...

Burf I love the paddle steamer as well, it being Disney though it goes on tracks under the water!! Love to go on yours though...proper job ones!!

Yeah these dull non descript days, tell me about it!!

Good motto to have Shell!
No one ever goes down to the bottom of my side bar Shell congratulations!! Sorry it freaks you out!!

So do I Grace but we've got to make the most of whatever we get thrown at us don't we?

No bog standard MaccyD's stuff I'm afraid Jules but very cheap breakfasts!!! Get down there before the park opens and have a double breakfast and save you paying the ridiculous park prices!!! (Or get a cast member to buy you lunch!!!)
You promised you wouldn't tell anybody about my 'amazing' singing!!

Hakuna Matata to you as well cheeky!!!

Autumn Storm said...

The Hakuna Matata looks like a great place to eat. :-) Happy Monday/start-of-your-weekend when you get that far. Thank you for all your nice comments, unfortunately it's likely to be the norm for a while that I will be behind in my rounds. I'll be thinking of you more often than that, if that helps. ;-) xo

Palm Springs Savant said...

that was great...made me feel like I was at a county fair. and yes Unsinkable Molly Brown is a neat paddle boat! thanks for the distraction Simon.

Keshi said...

Im ur SUMMER and Im here..:)


EBEZP said...

Hi Autumn, yes it does doesn't it?
Thank you for the nice comments, don't ever worry bout not getting around -I think of you all the time anyway!

Good distraction hey Rick, thanks mate!

Keshi you are my summer and I'm so glad you are here!!