Monday, January 21, 2008


For those of you that used to visit my photoblog
you will recognise the title to this post.
It does however sum up these pics very well!
They show a step by step guide to reverse parking of an Isle of Man Ferry (Ben-my-Chree) at Birkenhead!
You'd think there would be an easier way wouldn't you?


Burfica said...

and I thought parallel parking was hard. hehehehe

Emma said...

The North Sea Ferries used to come in that way too, not sure whether they still do..xx

EBEZP said...

Yeah absolutely Burf, it was a joy to watch though, like a ballet almost!

You are right they do it's to do with how tidal both of our great rivers are Em!!!

Keshi said...


LOL @Burfica's comment! I can identify with that one :)


grace said...

Lots and lots of practice!

I liked you comments about Pete. I agree, I enjoyed his voice more on his solo work. And that Roger and Pete blended well in The Who work. :)

have a super week xox

shell said...

I would love to visit the maritimes. Fish and drink...a good combination.

TK Kerouac said...

This looks like a lot of work

EBEZP said...

Keshi agree and that's a wee bit bigger than a car hey?

Grace, A lot of!
Oh yeah Pete's vocals well he's not alone....Jimmy Page, Keith Richards even Eric Clapton not brilliant vocalists hey?

Guess I'd be really at home in 'your' Maritimes hey?

Very hard work Tracey!

grace said...

Oh my! Keith is horrible!!