Sunday, January 06, 2008


The person who is not hungry says that the coconut has a hard shell.
       African Tribal Saying


Jules said...

I can't quite wrap my head about this one, I'm sure you'll explain it to me sometime! It's just too much for me to try and think about before I'm fully awake!

cheekyfaces said...

Always something interesting here, even if it sometimes is wierd lol xx

Big Pissy said...

Makes sense to me....

but if you think about it too much it kinda gives you a headache. ;-)

Keshi said...

very true :)

HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Simon it's great to be bak with ya!


Cinn said...

Is this some sort of test to see how smart we are? Cuz I don't get it. :(

grace said...

that's right!!! smash that coconut!!

have a good week, have a sunset up right now I think you'd like. No need to post, just take a peek. Wish there was a way to share a pic with a post here at blogger. If there was, you'd show me how. :)

jsaregrace.blogspot (just for reference :))


EBEZP said...

Jules, don't comment so early then. LOL!

Thanks Cheeky I think!!!

Yeah BP headaches all round....

Good to have you back Keshi!!

Cinn no test, I haven't much of a clue either!!

Grace, I'll help if I can!
Yeah smash the coconut!