Friday, January 25, 2008


“I pick my favourite quotations and store them in my mind as ready armour, offensive or defensive, amid the struggle of this turbulent existence.”

If you are Scottish or have any links with Scotland you will know that tonight is Burns Night! A celebration of the life and times of Robert Burns celebrated all around the world on the anniversary of his birth.

“The best plans of men and mice often go awry”

“But to see her was to love her, Love but her, and love forever”

“What signifies the life o' man, An' 'twere na for the lasses O”

“There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing”



grace said...

Happy Friday :) And Burns night.

I like the first quote, wish I was skilled at that! On the ready with some verbal armour.

have a fantastic weekend, hope the weather is dryer in your world. Glad you enjoyed the Sister Disco. Did you mean that Keith isn't a strong drummer or Kenny Jones?

EBEZP said...

Hi Grace.
Happy Burns night, yeah isn't verbal armour a tremendous asset!

After Keith The Who have never had a strong drummer Grace. Kenny's great and more 'musical' but doesn't make the drums come out of the track and hit you! As for Zak, there is No Comment!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well done Simon. Happy Burns night indeed.

Burfica said...

OMG that sunset is one of the best by far!!!! I love the rolling lava across the sky. Az has one's like those very once in a while.

I don't know what Burns Night is but I hope you have a great one.

cheekyfaces said...

Love the last picture Si x

Jules said...

I'm a day late, but happy Burns night! I LOVE that second quote...

EBEZP said...

Thanks Rick!

Burfica you always make me laugh....thanks!

Thank you Cheeky.

The second one is my favourite too Jules

josh williams said...

I love a good single malt especially when its 10 degrees! If someone comes a posting by the name of peeps be wary he has been filling my page with drivel I deleted all his posts but think he may head out and pick on people on my blog roll. A royal pain in the arse Peace out JW Oh love the picks, not to the gutter!

EBEZP said...

Thanks for the comment and the warning Josh.
Oh a single malt, could just go one right now.