Thursday, August 09, 2007


I was tagged by Pauline to answer five questions. Gee thanks Pauline, love you too!

Yeah go over and tell her how unfair it is!!

1.If you could remove one evil from the world what would it be ?

The evil that is responsible for people, men and women alike who abuse children. All the talk seems to be catered on things like punishment and conditioning, just get rid of whatever evil that makes them do it. It can’t be done and it won’t be done but if I could remove that evil I wouldn’t stop until I succeeded!
Meanwhile look here for ways of combating it, ok?
2. What is your most enduring memory of your teenage years ?

If by enduring you mean is still very well remembered and even now and especially since July 1st related with gay abandon then it’s a school memory! Even though I left school at 16 so it only covers 3 years. Oh let me explain properly…..
I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was about 12 with the exception of about 18 months and that was about 25 years ago. I was always getting in to trouble for smoking especially at school.
The three rules were : #1. You mustn’t leave the school premises without permission, #2 Under no circumstances (it being a catholic boys school) were you to be seen around the corner at the girl’s school, #3 Strictly No Smoking in school uniform.
Well three days out of EVERY five guess who got caught breaking all three? Oh it wasn’t just me but it was one hell of a reputation to keep up!! Was never beaten either so I was told at the one and only school reunion I ever went to!!
So it’s a physics lesson in the science lab and Mr Bernie McConnell is in the chair!! “Today we are going to look at air and other crappy gasses, I never really listened and see what happens when blah de blah…….(sleepy)…….Well it was the afternoon – after I’d broken all 3 rules! “Wilkinson, let me have a cigarette” “Sir?” “Let me have a cigarette” “Don’t smoke sir” “Just give me a cigarette..please” Now my Dad was away at sea and where everyone else had Park Drive or Number 6 I always had Rothman’s, State Express or Dunhill and always king size and always Singapore duty paid written down the side of each cigarette. So I take my fag packet to the front of the class, open it up and take a cigarette out to give to him. Leave the packet I might need another one.
He lit the cigarette and took great delight in taking long drags filling his boots as well as his lungs in front of the class. Did the lousy experiment and all the swots with their noses turned up yes even then wondered at how marvellous it was. What did he do he sat and finished the cigarette saying things like Oh how nice it is to be able to smoke while I’m teaching. End of the lesson picks up the packet which must have had 14 or 15 in and said, “Pick your cigarettes up after school from the staff room”
Anyway to cut a long story short……..WTF?………I went to the staff room after school , knocked the door and asked for Mr McConnell – Oh he’s gone! Why did you want to see him. I want my cigarettes back. Oh they’re yours, he left them (Thank F for that) and the teacher handed me the pack with just 2 left in it. Meanwhile there was achorus of Oh Ta Wilkinson! Thanks for the fag! Wish I could afford Rothman’s! Can your Dad get me some!!!
Well even now I still relate that story especially to anti smokers and really for no other reason than to state that once even teachers smoke!!

3. If you were to leave everything to one good cause what would it be ?

Easy and quick this one. It wouldn’t be to the organisation that I dedicate over 40 hours a month to as a volunteer. Because by the time I’m in a position to leave everything to a good cause they will have had enough from me!
No question about it the RNLI.
4. What was your greatest treasure as a child ?

This may not be strictly true but was certainly the easiest! Ted! Original name hey? He looks older than me but I’m told he was ‘born’ when I was about three! The red feet are patches, the part fur and part leopard skin coat is to cover a multitude of sins, the red ribbon round his neck is because basically his head came off!

The silver medal incidentally is a medal given to everyone who went through the new Mersey Tunnel in 1934 which me mum did and it’s hers. Ted just wears it like we would a birthday badge.
Oh and easy because he’s up in the bedroom as the great patriarch of all the other soft toys that have been acquired over the years!!

5. If you could choose anyone at all, who would you invite to dinner ?

You might have already guessed if you didn’t in fact already know that I am a bit of an egotistical, smoking pervert!
Well this question was going to be the one that redeemed myself. Some wise old well dead philosopher or politician or architect or artist or ………..
My only worry given how much I fancy I mean admire her is having anything to eat or just eating very little very quickly to get to the dessert!
However the question was to do with inviting, not doing!

I am now supposed to come up with five questions and five people to answer them and although I know I’m risking eternal damnation I’m not doing either!
However if you want to answer this one question either in my comments box here or make some more up and do them on your own site just go for it!

My one question is this,
thank you for visiting, feel free to browse around, visit my other sites.
this site welcomes comments. thank you!


Victor Immature said...

People from the Cancer Society came one morning and gave a presentation to my Grade 4 class on the evils of smoking.

At noon hour a group of my boys went out and bought some cigarettes.

Up until that day it had never occurred to them to smoke.

EBEZP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EBEZP said...

I guess it can happen that way as well but for the most part they do a good job.

Pixie said...

V interesting answers there. Love Ted <3

Keshi said...

great to know more abt ya Ebezp :)

**I am a bit of an egotistical, smoking pervert!

u r? I dun think so hehe.


ur in love with Madge ha. And all the while I was thinking it was ME who u were gonna invite to dina :( baaaaaaaawaaaaaaa!


Autumn Storm said...

Great answers, Simon! Unimaginable now that once teacher's could smoke in the classroom, didn't occur in my day but you should see the wide eyes my daughter makes when I tell her about how the children (not me, I was a goody-two-shoes - can you tell I've been called that once or twice) got smacked in class when they were misbehaving. Or the teachers were irritated.
Other strange memories include when we used to go on long school journeys in coaches, there was never a toilet and they used to make us (again, not me, no way I wasn't going to hold it seeing that) urinate in plastic bags.
Tons more I could relate, strange days. :-D

This wouldn't be my usual answer, but M and I were talking just yesterday about how 'cool' it would be if we could snap our fingers and be wherever we wanted.

Have a great Friday. :-)

EBEZP said...

Hi Pixie, nice to see you. Such an original name though don't you think, never Teddy that was a sissy's name!!

Keshi! What can I say I'm so sorry, you were on the list, honestly but quite frankly I didn't want to shatter your illusions of me not being an egotistical, smoking pervert!
Anyway you'd be so tired when you arrived we'd already be on to the dessert.

OOOO on second thoughts....where's the edit button!!

Thanks Keshi you rock girl!

EBEZP said...

Yeah and flaunt it too!!
Now we've gone the other way completely but that's political and we won't agree obviously because you being a goody two shoes and me being the 'smoking pervert'.
Don't even start me on discipline in schools!

Yeah strange days indeed.
You want to be's a cardboard box.

Oh I love that...snap your fingers and be wherever you want oh the way (my) mind is!!

OOOO just in this little box! Wise words before hand from Victor, starters with Pixie, main course with Keshi, dessert with you and M and then Madonna.

Oh AS make it happen!!!

Have a good day!

Citymouse said...

that wasnt so bad....

Pauline said...

Ted is lovely! Thanks for taking the time to give such interesting answers and the link to NSPCC is a brilliant idea, it gave a whole extra dimension to what is basically a bit of fun. Great!

EBEZP said...

No it wasn't that bad after all and at least I didn't 'have' to tag you hey citymouse.
Btw as it stands at the moment it could be Captain Jack over the weekend....I'll let you know.

Oh here she is the person responsible!! Hi Pauline, it was fun, really.
It's just the thought of doing it before you do it that scares you!!

Don't forget the link to the RNLI as well!

Thanks Pauline.

Alekx said...

One ability
I want the ability to send large amounts of electricity through the phone lines to stop parents and children from calling 911, laughing like it's cute then hanging up. Thus wasting my time from being there to help people that really need it.

Pauline said...

Sorry, I missed the RNLI link, I read the answer you understand but missed that you'd put a link in there because you see, Ted was waving to me. Apparently he isn't getting along with the little boy who pulled off his head and wants to come live here in Bury with me!

btw love the hover ark but it needs to be much bigger!

EBEZP said...

Oh so that's it is it?
It's a conspiracy. Ted against the world especially the little boy that pulled his head off!!
He thinks you are some one else obviously!

Bigger ark...ok I hear you!!

JLee said...

Good question. I think off the top of my head it would be to control my thoughts and emotions successfully.

EBEZP said...

I love it alekx, it's a terrible problem. It would work for the sex callers we get on the helpline that I volunteer on as well!
Welcome btw come again we try to always have abit of fun here and feel free to visit the other two sites as well.

Hi jlee. Good answer but until it happens can I just say how sexy you look tonight, have you had your hair done?

justawriter said...

It's nice to learn more about you through this meme. I would like to wake up tomorrow morning having gained the ability to quit smoking!BTW I am smoking right now as I am typing my comment... :) Tina

EBEZP said...

and me to you Tina!!

JLee said...

why as a matter of fact, I did get my hair done! lol

EBEZP said...

Wow you see I could tell and I'm 5000 miles away!

Dan said...


Invisibility! Oh yeah ... just imagine all the fun we could have with that one. We could take over the world I tell! The world!!

(insert mad scientist laugh here)

EBEZP said...

Dan, LMAO!

Oh I'm with you all the way on that one. It appeals on every level but especially the schoolboy pervert level which never disappears! For which I am truly grateful!

Why do you think Madonna was invited to my meal!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I hate getting tagged. Its too much pressure! I like your replies. Agree with you on Madonna btw

EBEZP said...

Well it was my tag and it's my dinner invite, sorry Rick....Madge is all mine!!!
Tags are a bit tedious I admit but once you get started, they can be fun, this one was.

Big Pissy said...

I love Ted!

Madonna? Not so much.... ;-)

EBEZP said...

Hi BP. I guess this has turned in to a popularity contest...
TED v Madonna

Currently about equal I guess!!
Strange world in which we exist!
I know I'll leave the post up until there's an outright winner!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Sunday!!

EBEZP said...

Thank you AS and you and a very sexy one too!
Serves me right for going to yours first!
Have a good fun Sunday!

Jules said...

I'm in love with Ted. *thump thump, thump thump*

EBEZP said...

The way this is going he's going to be ripped apart again but not by a little boy but by several adult women.

MMMMM Lucky Ted!!