Sunday, August 05, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt's Churches on Sunday on The Photoblog and there's a NSFW Hen night story on The Gutter Press

Video chosen by
jlee is Garbage and after 6pm Stevie Nicks (Wow I've only just realised that she is 60 next birthday, I've got to change my dream now!!)chosen by Palm Springs Savant
Listen I know you are bored because you're reading this on a Sunday so check out the links!!

Stevie seems to have broken my video link.
I'll attempt to repair it tomorrow!!


Autumn Storm said...

Hey Simon, congrats on your first recruit, woohoo, that's our official first, so at this stage of the game, you are ahead. :-D

Happy Sunday when you get that far.
I'll be back a little later to check out the other two blogs, right now, I think I need to head back to bed for a couple more hours. :-)

EBEZP said...
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EBEZP said...

There's something very very nice about getting up at 5.30 coming on to my site - commenting and then going back to bed!!

Weird bunch us lot aren't we?
Nice weird!! See you later AS!

Thank you!

I'll bring breakfast over to you ok?

Game on hey!!

Pixie said...

Yum thanks for breakfast. :)

JLee said...

Awesome! Stupid Girl is of my favorites I often sing on karaoke night, and I get some Stevie later too?? Bonus!

EBEZP said...

No problem Pixie. Glad you enjoyed it.

Garbage never struck me as karaoke material to be honest but I bet you made it yours!!
Thanks for the request anyway and I'm glad you chose it!

Grace said...

Thanks for dropping by. I am new to your blog, and what do I see - Madonna. I looove Madonna!

Pauline said...

Hey, what the heck am I ? doing here ? You're not the blah blah bandit!

EBEZP said...

Hi Grace lovely to see you! I love Madonna as well. Come back and have a browse in the archives including on the Gutter Press and you will find some more.
Come back anyway we have some fun here!

Pauline no I'm not!! Sorry to say what you were trying to do didn't work do you want to try again k?

Pauline said...

Simon, just thought I'd send you
this to say thankyou for your help. Cheers!

EBEZP said...

Cheers Pauline!!

Keshi said...

Stevie Nicks is 60? No ways.


EBEZP said...

Next birthday yes, I couldn't believe that either!!
Yeah a big wow - Keshi!