Saturday, August 18, 2007


Quite often I have found that just posting a short quotation has been a very good post, lots of sensible comments so I thought for a change I would give you 10 non quotations and all mine.

These are 10 things that I guarantee you will NEVER hear me say,

#1 "Oh wow just been to see Abba and they were awesome"
#2 "I hate Disney"
#3 "Put the volume up you know you can never hear Motorhead"
#4 "David Cameron* would make a wonderful Prime Minister"
#5 "Oh the Eurovision song contest* - mustn't miss that"
#6 "Top Gun is the worst film I've ever seen"
#7 "I've just found a great blog by pressing next blog"
#8 "Cry at Watership Down no not me"
#9 "I can't stand dogs"
#10 "Madonna is an ugly untalented bitch"
*David Cameron is the leader of the opposition Conservative party in the UK
*Eurovision is a song contest held between songwriters across the Eoropean Broadcasting Union



Pauline said...

Mmm now let me see,

"Of course you can borrow my car to practise your driving."

"Your wish is my command dear."

"I love to wear fur."

"Pass the stinky cheese with blue bits please!"

"I'm blonde therefore I'm stupid."

That was fun, thanks Simon!

Pink said...

"of course I'll show you my passport to prove my age"

"no thanks I don't want a slice of that chocolate cake"

"of course I believe the girl texting my date is his sister"

EBEZP said...

Pauline they are at the last one!!

Pink your #2 I can see being a particular favourite! THANKS!

Pixie said...

You know I don't think I have ever seen Top Gun all the way through..


Something you will never hear me say
"Tom Cruise, he is such a hottie"


EBEZP said...

Hi Pixie - I don't fancy him either!!

Erin O'Brien said...

But can you make potato pancakes?

EBEZP said...

Good one Erin and hi!

Erin O'Brien said...

By the way, I like the way you like Madonna. It's original.

EBEZP said...

Erin is that a non quote or a complement?

justawriter said...

Top Gun? Never heard of it...what's it about?
Something you will NEVER hear me say...I only saw it six times at the cinema, as a teen...bought the soundtrack record the book and had a bedroom FULL of Tom Cruise just brought back alot of memories :) T

EBEZP said...

Oh wow!!! Looks like the special ediytion dvd for you then!!

cheekyfaces said...

'Yes of course thats enough foreplay' ;o)

EBEZP said...

Oh I like that one cheekyfaces, and hello!

cheekyfaces said...

Hello to you too :o), I love your blog.

EBEZP said...

Thank you cheekyfaces. Have you seen the other two blogs of mine!

cheekyfaces said...

I absolutely love the photo blog. You have the same attitude to photography that I have, I am well known for taking a pic of anything and everything lol!....The Gutter Press....well, it makes me smile for sure!

EBEZP said...

I guess I should come over to yours again cheekyfaces as you obviously know more about me than I do about you!
You're very kind! Thank you!

cheekyfaces said...

Well the new blog of mine is quite tame, my old blog was something more controversial, I was on a mission but thats over, now I just need to get on with my life ;o)

EBEZP said...

Should I know your old blog and do I know you?
You have me on your blogroll already - that impressed and intrigued me!!

cheekyfaces said...

I don't think you knew my old blog, it was about antisocial behaviour......I added your blog simply because its good ;o)

EBEZP said...

Ok and thank you!
Hope to see you again soon!!

Keshi said...

knew that abt u n Madge :)

**Oh wow just been to see Abba and they were awesome"

aww I love ABBA! Must be an Aussie thing.

**I've just found a great blog by pressing next blog"


btw i havent had time to do that Team Bravo thing :( Im so sorry Ebezp baaaaaaawaaaaaa!


EBEZP said...

Hey Keshi!
Yeah Abba is an aussie thing!!

Sorry you've missed out to Madge.....again

Hey you can do that Team Bravo/WCG thing whenever you want, just because the comp is over doesn't prvent your computer doing good work. Join us whenever you can!!

Keshi said...

aww.. I feel like a terrible terrible loser who cudnt keep her word! :(


EBEZP said...

No Keshi you most certainly are NOT!