Saturday, November 10, 2007

I know this is a bit unusual, but...

Well.... since Si's so overly busy working from dusk till dawn, he asked me to come over and make sure to keep his peeps happy! But since this isn't my blog, and you don't come here to read MY thoughts, I'll do a Si-esque post! I think he'd like you to see the sky here a few nights ago... pink fluffy clouds.
Enjoy! (Because if you don't, he might be driven to delete this post and never ask me to come back! LOL)

Jules :Oj


Rebecca said...

it's wonderful

Jules said...

Oh phewph! Well there you go, Si... I get to appear again sometime, because at least Rebecca said it was good! :O) Thanks Becca!!

Lady in red said...

I love it when the sky is like that I just never have a camera to hand at the right moment

Pink said...

pretty colours

Jules said...

Lady - I know, I believe I rushed into the house and caught it just in time, this time!

Pink - Yes, they are! Thank you!

Autumn Storm said...

Enjoyed! :-D

cheekyfaces said...

Nice pics!

When he's back tell him cheeky tagged him will you hehe!!

melanie said... clouds and lighting!
I sometimes thing that's where my head is!
Hope you are well me dear!

Jules said...

Autumn - oh thank goodness you said that! ;OP

cheeky - I'll pass it along! Hey Si... did you hear that? You've been tagged! LOL

Melanie - Up in the clouds isn't such a bad place to have one's head... :O)

EBEZP said...

Well you don't need my help then I'll see you all tomorrow!