Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey LOOK what I've been given!!!

Yeah look at what I've been awarded, by AZZITIZZ

This is an extra special award to me because it sums up the way I feel about blogland and all the peeps that have a little peek in at my world. They've given their precious time up to come on my site and whether they comment or not they deserve respect and I treat them with that and consider them to be buddies at worst and great friends and better at best!

Thank you Azzi, it really does mean a lot!

Ok I get to pass it on too which is great, you all deserve it but as in any true democracy some more than others.
(1) AUTUMN STORM - Wonderful site and really good buddy.
(2) CHEEKY FACES - Rants and Raves equally well. Very friendly.
(3) EMMA - Lovely person, do anything for anyone.
(4) JULES - Collaborator Extraordinaire. Most precious buddy!
Please visit all their sites and find out what I mean for yourself.
Seems a suitable time to say that after a couple of weeks of disrupted blogging due to work pressures and affairs of the heart, I will be back and visiting everyone by tomorrow, I have been amazed by the visits I've had from everybody who I haven't actually visited and I want to sincerely thank every one for taking the time and trouble to visit.
Quick plug for my other three sites, never miss an opportunity!!!
There's the One a Day (with Jules) a photoblog site that features just one picture a day from either Jules or myself and you can find that here.
Then my photos are displayed here.
Finally for the slightly seedier side of life and definitely NSFW there's The Gutter Press. Here.


Autumn Storm said...

Simon, I hardly know what to say, this is very kind, am touched, thank you! I can see why you got this award, buddy. :-)
Have a great evening, and thank you most kindly again!!!!!

Crabby said...

Dang. I gotta check all these folks out. I have't had the pleasure yet, I don't believe.

I can see why you got the award, sir. You rock!

Burfica said...

very cool, congratulations!!!!!

Burfica said...

p.s. you know I come play with your turtle often don't you??

Burfica said...

p.p.s. That wasn't supposed to sound nasty. hehehehe

Andy Looney said...

Simon, the Pope just informed me (in our daily chat) that your canonization is imminent.

melanie said...

Wow! That is great my petal!
You deserve it !!
Keep spreading the news..both kinds ;)

jillie said...

Yes, I do see why you got this one Simon. You are definitely a sweetheart indeed!

I'll have to go and check on the others although I already know the wonderful Autumn. Now there is a sweetie in deed!!!!!


cheekyfaces said...

Awww, I dunno what to say...Thank you so much, bless you! xxx

Jules said...

Oh Si! Thank you so much!! You are a person definately deserving of this award. I've never met a kinder heart or a better friend! I'm honored that you consider me *bloggalicious* enough to receive this award too! BIG MWAH'S!

Emma said...

Aw Si, thank you very much, I should be sending it to you really after all the support you have been to me....luv Ya lots...xx

grace said...

awww, loooove the photo. You are blogger extrodinaire!

(even tho I don't see you 'round anymore ) :) it's ok, I know where to find you

EBEZP said...

First of all to Autumn, Cheeky, Emma and Jules, you are more than welcome - you are my bestest buddies and the award is so deserved. Display the picture and nominate others!

EBEZP said...

Crabby, Burfica (I do now!!), Andy, Mel, Jillie and Grace thank you ever so much for your visit and your kind words.
Means a lot!

jillie said...

Seeing that you are such a dear person...I've tagged you...lol!

How's THAT for being kind...just spreadin the love baby! haha

EBEZP said...

Jeez jillie it's a good job I didn't give you the award isn't it?!

I guess I'll do it though I haven't seen it yet!! Thanks I think!!

EBEZP said...
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shell said...

congrats Si!

EBEZP said...

Thanks a lot Shell!

EBEZP said...

Thanks a lot Shell!

EBEZP said...

Thanks a lot Shell!