Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hey if you are viewing this page in Britain you may have just seen this clip on the ONE SHOW, just before Eastenders!!!
Well I did anyway and wanted to share it with everybody!!!
Warning if you don't find the babies laughter infectious clearly you are dead!!!


Emma said...

Lol, yes it is very infectious and the reason I haven't played it again..xx

Jules said...

OH NO!!! Damn YouTube!! It says video is no longer available... maybe I'll try back later. Notice how I don't take the onus myself for not showing up here sooner? (((HUGS)))

EBEZP said...

Don't like infectious things then Em?!

Still showing my end - try again Jules!

grace said...

He is haaapppy!! The kid and the dog are adorable. :)

EBEZP said...

I couldn't resist it Grace, it's brilliant isn't it?