Tuesday, February 05, 2008



grace said...

Hi! Those are really great photos.
Yours right?

Hope your week is going well. Been working alot, so I have not been around much.

Burfica said...

wow, that's kind of cool,, but still way to crowded for this small town girl.

Jules said...

W-O-W... that is a loooong way down. when we go there, you'll have to keep a good hold on me so I don't feel like I'm gonna fall off!

Keshi said...

r ya in Paris again? WOW!


Azzitizz said...

Oh, oh, feel sick!
Fantastic photos but I hate heights! blaaaaahhhhhh!

EBEZP said...

Always welcome Grace - yes they're mine from the early Summer last year.

Burf you'd be ok I'm sure, small town girl or not!

It is a long way down Jules - when we go hey? Mmmm that sound like fun!

Hia Keshi - no just from the archives last June they were taken.

Azzi just look at the pics with one eye then you won't feel as sick!!!

Autumn Storm said...

I'm jealous!

Great photos, Simon, have been to France dozens of times, and so many places in France, but never to Paris. These pictures are the next best thing. :-)

Hope you're week has been treating you well.

Keshi said...

oww ok :)


EBEZP said...

Oh thanks Autumn, the week's been good and I'm glad you liked the pics!!

Thought peeps might like to see them Keshi.

Emma said...

Wow Si they are just amazing...xx

EBEZP said...

Thanks Em I like them too!!